Some of the solutions proposed by our team

A system for the active management of the modern farm

OMNIAFARM is an integrated system for the management of the modern farm. It allows the operators to manage in a complete and efficient way all the various aspects of the production, i.e. tracking farming operations, the use of pesticides, irrigation and treatments cycles etc.

The system is offered through the SaaS model - Software as a Service - which allows it to operate without having to install the application with consequent local maintenance.

The system is offered to individual farm entrepreneurs or consultants who provide a consultancy service for a proper management of the company.

The system has a modular structure, with access to the various functions in relation to the different needs of each user. It consists of the following elements:

1. basic module

2. cartographic module

3. Pesticides warehouse management

4. Treatments advice module

5. Handheld device management module

6. Production rules management module

7. Fertilisation advice module

8. Irrigation advice module

9. Farming operations module

10. Economic evaluation module

11. Certifications management module

12. Statistical analysis module.